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The article describes the essential qualifications for the General Write for Us Guest Post writers to present their articles to the website.

Do you like to write interesting and engaging online articles for worldwide people? Have you possessed the needed skill sets to support your writing? We heard your voice and are ready to provide our platform to exhibit your talents via General Write for Us Guest Post articles. But to achieve our goals, we need to follow some steps, and we have even designed the steps for our writers to achieve their dreams, and we expect them to follow the guidelines throughout their articles.

About our website “”

Our platform is based on moral values and we strongly believed that everyone should know the reality and truth behind the world’s events. Our General + Write for Us article is proof that we are rendering our services to publish the truth of the world authentically. In this digital world, publishing an online article is one way to represent our freedom of speech, and in this way, our writers are proud to take that job. 

Our authentic content is published under,

  • Product reviews
  • Website reviews
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Games
  • Health

General Write for Us writers Desired Qualifications and Responsibilities

The phrase “write for us” refers to the fact that anyone interested in writing can publish their articles on our platform, and the phrase “write for us” is currently trending on the internet. Thus, even our team has launched this “write for us” program. And we expect some simple and essential qualities from our “Write for Us” + General writers.

Writers should be able to create an article that they should have a minor impact on people’s lives; it can be anything, which is why we chose general topics.

For example, if the person can guide our readers on how to download a useful application, even that is also appreciated. We are not looking for a highly professional or technical person, but for an honest and talented person, which is why we haven’t set any mandatory educational qualification details.

Write for Us General Reference topics

Millions of new things are getting updated in this digital world, so choosing a topic won’t be easy. Our team understands the writers’ difficulties, which is why we are here to assist everyone by providing sample topics.

  • The latest gaming coupon codes and their methods of usage in the games
  • Tips to save money during online shopping in an efficient way
  • “Write for Us” + “General” Writers can go for simpler topics like motivational stories and inspiring biographies of great personalities like Cristiano Ronaldo because, in this world, even a baby and great-grandmother need motivation. Thus, this topic will never lose its lustre.
  • The most recent research focuses on improving women’s health and providing advice on eliminating anaemia in women.

Write for Us + General Guidelines

  • We request the writers to incorporate their creative and innovative writing style into their articles and to kindly present the content from a different angle so that it will stand out from the crowd.
  • The writers should not copy any content because we are here to write online content, not to Copywrite it; they should understand the distinction between their roles and send us 100% Write for Us+ General unique content.
  • Guest post contributors should have a good command of the language; if they do, the article will be clearer, and readers will understand the content more easily.
  • Articles should be well written in English without any vocabulary or grammar errors.
  • Word limit of the article: 500 to 1500

“Write for Us” + General articles SEO guidelines

  • The guest post contributors should insert the required internal and external hyperlinks, but please don’t do that after each paragraph. 
  • The article should have the necessary target keywords related to the chosen topic, and their density has to be maintained uniformly throughout the article.

Benefits to the General + “Write for Us” writers

  • We are a group of individuals who have been following procedures to create SEO-optimized content; as a result, the content published on our portal will have a chance to occupy a good Google ranking.
  • If any writers struggle to incorporate search engine optimization techniques into their articles, our professional writers will guide them. It will also be very beneficial to their future.

How to submit General “Write for Us” articles?

When writers are ready to submit their work, they should keep these two points in mind. Importantly, the only way to submit is through this [email protected], and they have to submit the document in a Word file or Google Docs.


Thus, we have wrapped up our concerns and needs from the General Write for Us Guest Post writer’s side. We have been taught to write since the age of two, and we have been writing our entire lives, but now we have the opportunity to transform all of our ordinary general writings into something valuable. 

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