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If you want to use it, you can read the details below about the Drivelisten .com app that will assist you to get accurate detail about it.

Have you known about this sort of site that can make driving more energizing by offering virtual driving while at the same time paying attention to music? Do you are familiar It is a site offering a driving and listening stage through a virtual world. In this way, perusers are anxious to be aware of Drivelisten .com. This site got renowned in the US and India. In the accompanying review, we will concentrate on its functioning strategy and really take a look at its legitimacy.

Disclaimer-The article contains valid detail of this moving application that will teach our perusers in a correct manner.

About application

It is an intriguing application that offers a drive from home. Utilizing the application, you can essentially drive by means of in excess of 50 urban areas while hearing nearby radio stations progressively and passing road sounds. It’s like Google Streetview in augmented experience, aside from you can move around without clicking. Music is additionally present. Guaranteeing the computerized world intently looks like the veritable one is a vital strategy to producing a VR experience.

Who created Drivelisten .com?

Erkam Eker fosters this application which is a Turkish alumni understudy. A pandemic-initiated yearning roused this application for the days he cruised all over Istanbul while paying attention to the radio. In his articulation given to Forlorn Planet, he referenced that while driving, he understood that others all around the globe should be deficient in the very experience that comes from being out and about. However not exactly genuine, it seems like what you recall as genuine. It is a virtual encounter of driving inside numerous urban communities.

Drivelisten .com permits clients to pick a radio broadcast and turn on or off outside clamors like vehicles, crosswalks, traffic and blaring horns, and the radio broadcast itself. Indeed, even a virtual vehicle’s movement can be controlled concerning speed. It gives virtual voyages through around 40 urban communities, including Paris, Havana, Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, and so on. The outings are undeniably taken while the co-pilot is steering the ship, paying attention to a provincial radio broadcast. The application controls vehicles on roads around the world, making it the best virtual escape.

What really do individuals say about Drivelisten .com?

We tracked down sure surveys about this, and clients are appreciating it. This application is getting incredible evaluations among clients. Instagram has a website page, and individuals post their perspectives.

Virtual Entertainment Connections


Ideal for those need a break from the hurrying around of city life yet miss the mark on time for an outing. You just have to join, explore the application, and partake in the music. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When this application has been sent off?

Ans-In May 2020.

2. Who made it?

Ans-Erkam Şeker.

3. From where could you at any point download it?

Ans-Google play store.

4. Drive and Listen is free?

Ans-The application is free.

5. Are Drive and Listen genuinely?


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